WeeWork Project

WeeWork PHP Framework

Weework is a very light plugin featured, session enabled, adodb_lite powered and smarty extended PHP framework.
It uses a similar way to think as the Zoop framework but very lighter.
Now a Wiki Renderer plugin is available !



WeeWork was created after the Zoop Framework to re-use the same thniking but only implementing the core.

Like Zoop, WeeWork works with the Smarty Template Engine and has a Part/Page (Zone/Page under Zoop) Object MVC design.
Unlike Zoop, WeeWork only implements the code, the template engine (Smarty) and the generic database access (AdoDbLite).

Every part is meant to be as lighter and faster as possible.
With the WikiRenderer plugin, you can write your pages using WikiCode, store them using AdoDbLite and show them using the Smarty template engine.


All the WeeWork Code is released under the GPLv2 Licence.
You can find the copyright disclaimer as header of all files and a copy of the Licence Text with every packages.

Starting Guide

You will find a demo website with the WeeWork source code.

How Does It Work

WeeWork passes arguments to the script with the “PATH_INFO” variable sent by the HTTP server.
This is a WeeWork URL which opens the Part PRODUCTS and Page LIST :


A Simple Case

A WeeWork Application is separated in Parts and each Part is separated in Pages.
If you want to create a Web Site for your company, you will separate the Web Site in at least 3 parts and pages for each part:

  • Home/Index
    • News/Index
    • About
  • Products
    • List
    • Shops
  • Contact
    • Address

This web site will have 3 part classes derived from the part class : (The default class is always part_index)

class part_index extends part { ... }

in index.part.php

class part_products extends part { ... }

in products.part.php

class part_contact extends part { ... }

in contact.part.php

Let’s take the Products Part, it will have 2 pages : (The default page is always pageDefault)

function pageDefault { } //Will be the List Page
function pageShops { }

In your browser you will open the link below to open the Shops page of the Products part :


The following link will open Products/Default :


The Following Link will open Index/Default :



You can use the demo application inside the source.

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