Happy Christmas & Happy New Year !

First of all, happy christmas and later on, happy New Year 2008 !

For this christmas I bought a brand new Apple Macbook, replacing my old Dell Latitude D810 lent by my ingeenering school.


With 2Go of DDR2 Ram, the performances are exceptionnal, installing Windows Server 2003 or Ubuntu Feisty Fawn was easy and really quick !

Apple Systems are working since 1984

Here is a short video of Steve Job's presentation of one apple product in 1984 :

Linux for devices without MMU

I'm actually in a small company for my second year internship, and I must port linux on a arm946es based board. The ARM codebase works well on the latest linux kernel version but this chip has no MMU !
The uClinux project ( started a port of Linux 2.0, 2.4 and recently 2.6 for the NOMMU and now MMU-able devices. The core of the linux official git tree contains patches for nommu support but not all the arch has a complete and working nommu support in the latest tree !

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